The Inflation Reduction Act, signed prior to the midterm elections, shows us some of the new tax focus, but much of the bill will not be implemented for years ahead. Although I majored in economics, I have found no commentary that says this bill will affect inflation in any way.
Holidays are traditional times to experience our blessings. If and when we stop to count them, do we realize how far ahead of most people we are—even despite our own needs and worries? For emotional and financial reasons, why not share the wealth?
A mortgage can seem like a big albatross around your neck that is never going to fly away. It is tempting to chase it away by paying it off so you don't have to deal with it when you retire.
Helping others is great, and helping yourself is always good as well, so why not do both at the same time? Integrate these five strategies into your financial plan, and you can.
Retirees who are looking to shrink their square footage should carefully consider the kind of life they want to lead. Moves are rarely for purely financial reasons, and unexpected expenses can crop up.
In October of 2022, Rocky Mengle of wrote an informative article for Kiplinger's Money Power with advice about how to demonstrate residency in a low-tax state.
IRS Tax Tip 2022-183, November 30, 2022 Wading through a pile of statements, receipts, and other financial documents when it’s time to...
Did you know there’s a way to support your favorite charities and save money on your taxes?
Strong equity returns typically emerge after consumer confidence slumps.
Survivors are often tasked with the responsibility of filing a tax return for a recently deceased loved one. There are special steps...