20 Dec

Whether you are a beginner or experienced investor, here at ATA Financial Group, we can provide you with insight and guidance based on an understanding of your unique situation.  We offer a complimentary no-obligation financial review. 

In our meeting, we will go through 6 steps: 

  1. Identify your goals and the level of importance of each goal. 
  1. Identify the financial resources that will help fund the achievement of your goals. 
  1. Determine the balance of investment risk and return that is appropriate for you. 
  1. Create your personal plan outlining the investment and insurance services needed to help you achieve your retirement goals. 
  1. Review and discuss your plan results together. 
  1. Discuss the steps needed to put your plan into action.
    • Review your Social Security strategy.
    • Establish the proper savings strategy.
    • Discuss an appropriate asset allocation strategy for your investment portfolio.  

Our goal is to enhance your investment experience and better recommend strategies to help you meet your long- and short-term financial objectives. 

If you would like to learn more about our investment services, contact us at 610-433-3866.